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Emergency Medical Co-ordination


When an accident happens and the adrenalin kicks in, it’s sometimes hard to know the right medical emergency number to dial! HelpMe solves that for you by having a single number to call and one app button to press to ensure you’ll be speaking to a trained member of our Crisis Centre within seconds.

In the event of a medical emergency, our Crisis Centre will assist you to make contact and co-ordinate with your own service provider to get you the medical attention you need. Alternatively, if you are not insured or you do not have any other medical assistance benefits, the Crisis Centre will assist with co-ordinating the service provider on your behalf, with services being rendered on a cash basis directly to the service provider. If required, we can contact Government service responders to attend to your emergency and we will also attempt to contact anyone else on your behalf should you need us to.

*Terms and conditions of your specific membership plan may apply.