1. Why do I need to load airtime onto my phone even if I have a cellphone contract?

The Help Me 24/7 service requires a positive Rand balance in order to function. This means that even if you are have a phone contract, you will still need to load airtime onto your phone. Panic requests cost a maximum of 50c per panic alert. Thereafter, the Crisis Centre will call you back within 60 seconds, so you don’t need to use your airtime.

2. Why is my panic number not working?

To use the panic alert service, you need to dial the panic number *120*880*72544# from the number we have registered for you. You cannot use another number to send a panic alert. However, if you are in a crisis situation and cannot use your cell number you can use another number to call our Crisis Centre on 0861 44 44 42 for assistance.

3. Why do I need to save the panic number?

To make the panic alert service as efficient as possible, we recommend saving the number as a contact such as “Help Me 24/7 Panic”. Thereafter you can assign it to a speed dial button which will allow to have easy access to the panic number when necessary.

4. Why do I need this service?

This service aims to keep you safe while you are on the road. Should you break down or have an emergency, we will send an armed guard to your location to keep you safe while you wait for roadside assistance. These services are available 24 hours a day.

5. Can I add my family?

Yes, however the premium will increase with each member you add to your package. 

6. Can I use this service if I don’t have a car?

You don’t need a car to use Help Me 24/7. This service is available to you even if you are a passenger in a private vehicle.

7. Will I have to cancel if I move to another province?

No, the services will still be available to you.  The Help Me 24/7 services are available almost anywhere within the borders of SA.

8. Will my premium increase?

Yes, there will be a minimal annual increase which is calculated in accordance with the annual inflation rate.

9. How long is my contract?

There is no contact. This service works on a month-to-month basis, so you can take it for as long as you like and can cancel at any time.

10. When can I request a RoadGuard ?

The RoadGuard service is available at any time when you are travelling or experience a breakdown on any South African road.