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Guardian Alert


Hijacking and violent attacks are on the rise.

Our unique Guardian Alert option will not prevent a hijack or attack from occurring, but it can let us know immediately if you find yourself in a worrying or dangerous situation.

Should you even be slightly concerned that you might be about to be hijacked or attacked, you can press the Guardian Alert button on the HelpMe by MiWay app. This unique service offers members the ability to alert us of a potential attack, before it happens, and to then know that help will come if the worst occurs. At the same time, if no attack takes place, we can easily stand down our Rapid Armed Response teams, as long as you are safe!

Most hijacks result in the driver being evicted from his/her car on to the roadside and their valuables and cellphone being taken. This leaves the victim stranded without the ability to call for help. If you were able to send us an alert before you were separated from your cellphone, our system automatically dispatches the nearest armed responder to go to the exact location of the panic request. This means that you can be certain that help will come if you wait near the scene of the crime.