Help Me 24/7 offers four Membership Packages ranging from our Core offering to comprehensive Platinum cover across our range of services. We stand by the quality of the services in our offering, so much so that if you are not satisfied we will refund your membership.

Help Me 24/7 Core Package:

Help Me Core provides peace-of-mind 24-hour cover in the event of an emergency situation. With unlimited call-ins per year, it includes full access to our Crisis Centre and limited EMS & RoadGuard Services.

Help Me 24/7 Upgrade Packages:

The Help Me 24/7 Silver and Titanium Upgrade Packages include the Core Package benefits as well as access to our Rapid Roadside Upgrade, Location Tracking and Legal Assistance. The Titanium Package also includes comprehensive Rapid Roadside Assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Help Me 24/7 Platinum Package:

The Help Me 24/7 Platinum Package is an exclusive offering that is inclusive of all benefits from our other packages. The Platinum package provides 11 services, including Car Hire and Take Me Home services.

Note: All packages are subject to limitations on usages. Please refer to your terms and conditions.