HelpMe Plans & Pricing

Your direct line to personal safety & peace of mind. Based on your selected membership, you are able to use the following valuable services.


R20 per month

R20 per additional member


R59 per month

R30 per additional member


R79 per month

R40 per additional member


24/7 Crisis Response Centre

In any emergency, the longer it takes to contact the right help, the greater the risk your crisis will become more serious. The Help Me App gives members immediate access to our specialist Crisis Team, ensuring responders will arrive promptly at your exact location, saving you valuable time and stress.


Rapid Armed Response

We all hope we will never need the protection of armed response, but the rising violent crime rate cannot be ignored. Should you find yourself in any dangerous or risky situation whilst out-and-about, HelpMe’s nationwide network of over 1 500 tactical response vehicles will ensure you get the protection you need in minutes.


Hijack Alert

With over 50 hijackings every day, many South African drivers live in constant fear they might be the next victim. Should you be at all concerned that a hijack or attack may be imminent, the HelpMe App allows members to request assistance from our armed response teams instantly and discreetly.


Emergency Medical Services

Medical emergencies happen when we least expect them and time is critical. Our association with ER24, means HelpMe members have access to one of South Africa’s largest private ambulance networks, ensuring you get the help you need at your exact location, without delay.


Breakdown Co-ordination

We all breakdown from time to time, leaving us exposed to long waits in dangerous places. In the event of a roadside breakdown, our specialist team will immediately dispatch your closest service provider to your exact location and, if required, provide armed response to keep you safe until the situation is resolved.


Legal Bail Assist

Sometimes we do things we know we should not do.  If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, our legal team will post bail for you ensuring your visit to the police station is as short as possible – day or night.*


Accident Management

Serious car accidents often require the co-ordination of multiple responders, including breakdown services, medical evacuation, police and insurers. Our expert team will ensure you get all the help and advice you need, providing you with comprehensive support until your crisis is over and you are safe.

Both, new and old, plans are subject to the terms and conditions found below and are based on benefits selected at the time of sale.