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Rapid Armed Response


Every month, our HelpMe crisis team receives hundreds of requests from HelpMe members who unexpectedly find themselves caught in high-risk situations while out and about and want the peace of mind of professional armed response protection.

The most common reasons we dispatch a Rapid Armed Response team are:

  1. Vehicle breakdowns at the roadside
  2. Vehicle accidents where tempers flare up.

But we will dispatch help in any situation where you genuinely feel unsafe.

Our pledge to you

The second a HelpMe member requests armed response, our high-tech system automatically locates the nearest armed guard. The rapid armed response unit will then be dispatched to the exact location to arrive within minutes of the original alert, saving you critical time when you need it most.

HelpMe has the most comprehensive Rapid Armed Response network in SA, covering more urban towns and cities than anyone else, as well as offering coverage for members travelling on major highways between these areas.

Our crisis response service is unique because:

  1. We will automatically dispatch your nearest guard on request.
  2. We will come directly to your exact location.
  3. We will stay at your side until you are safe*.

*Terms and conditions of your specific membership plan may apply.