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In any emergency, the HelpMe App gives members immediate access to our specialist Crisis Team, ensuring responders will arrive promptly at your exact location, saving you valuable time and stress.


24/7 Crisis Response Centre

Get immediate access to our in-house crisis response team that has over 9 years of experience in protecting over 300,000 members. We’ll help you coordinate and manage your incident and ensure emergency responders arrive promptly at your exact location, saving valuable time and stress.


Crisis Response Coordination 

In the unfortunate event of an accident, emergency, or roadside breakdown, our specialist Crisis Centre will help you coordinate the relevant response teams and work with your service providers to ensure your crisis is as over as soon as possible.


Breakdown Safety Patrol

With over 2000 Breakdown Safety Patrol teams covering the whole of South Africa, we aim to be by your side in under 8 minutes. We’ll stand by you until your breakdown service arrives and you are safe and sound.


Guardian Alert

The second you request armed response in the event of a dangerous or risky situation, our high-tech system will automatically locate the nearest armed guard and dispatch a tactical response unit to your exact location within minutes of the original alert. With Guardian Alert, members also have access to our exclusive Home Alert and Hijack Tracking.


Hijack Tracking

In the event of a vehicle hijacking, our crisis centre team will contact your existing vehicle tracking provider and request the dispatch of their armed response to assist in the locating of your vehicle and yourself.


Home Alert

In the event of a home invasion, simply press the Guardian Alert button on your smartphone and we will call you back immediately. If we’re unable to get a hold of you, we’ll immediately contact your home security company to dispatch armed response to assist.


Accident Management

In the event of a car accident, our expert team will make sure that you get all the help that you need, and provide you with comprehensive support until your crisis is over – All at the simple push of a button on your smartphone.


Breakdown Response

Our partnership with South Africa’s leading private breakdown response provider means we will get you the help you need at your exact location when you need it most. Depending on your needs and any existing insurance benefits, we have a range of breakdown services to suit you, including Breakdown Coordination, Breakdown Response, and Breakdown Upgrade.


Bail Assist

In the event that you’re confronted by an arrest for a minor offence and require a bail application, our qualified legal team will assist you to ensure bail is posted and your trip to the police station is as short as possible, day or night. Terms and conditions apply.