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Hijack Tracking

Get the help you need in locating your car and possibly you too.

Hijack Tracking

20% of hijacking cases involve the victim being kidnapped along with the car. In this event, the attackers will almost certainly take the victims cellphone and switch it off. This means that any security app, including HelpMe, will be unable to locate you and dispatch armed response.   

Our unique Hijack Tracking feature is dependent on the member having a vehicle tracking device installed and by cooperation with your tracking company. In this way, we are able to track and locate our member’s vehicles, even if your cellphone is taken and switched off by hijackers. Using data from your vehicle’s tracking unit, we will then ensure your tracking company dispatch armed response to follow and locate your stolen car and, therefore, probably find you as well.

This feature can never guarantee your safety, but since it typically takes up to 45 minutes for hijackers to locate and disconnect a hidden vehicle tracking unit, it does give the armed response teams much more time to locate you and perform a rescue.

*Terms and conditions of your specific membership plan may apply.

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